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General Election? No chance, no need.

brexit, theresa may, tory, EU,Even as news broke that Theresa May was going to be handed the keys to 10 Downing Street, social media became awash with members of the remainiac camp screaming for a snap general election. Their reasoning being that as a nation, we couldn’t possibly be governed by someone who hasn’t actually been elected by anyone. No irony there then.

Given that most of those wanting the country dragged back to the polls would never vote Tory in a million years, it struck me that the majority of these professional whiners have either forgotten, or have no idea, how the electoral system works in this country. So with that in mind, here’s a very simple explanation for them.

At a general election, you don’t vote for a Prime Minister, you don’t even vote for a specific party, the way it works is that you vote for your local constituency MP.

Once the votes have been cast and counted, the person with the most (that’s another word for majority) is elected as the MP for that constituency. After that, the party with the most MP’s (again, the majority) form a government who are placed in charge of the country for a fixed term of office. That being five years. 

At the last election, around two years ago, the party with the most MP’s were the Tory party who were already in office, albeit sharing power with the Liberal Democrats. Amazingly, this time round they actually had more MP’s than in the previous election which was, in part, because they promised to hold a referendum on our position within the EU.

However, when they finally put this question to the population, 52% of people who voted (the majority) supported the campaign to leave. As a result, David Cameron, the Prime Minister and head of the Tory party, resigned on account of the fact that he had supported the campaign to remain. At this point, the Tory party decided that he would be replaced by Theresa May who will take over as Prime Minister tomorrow (Wednesday).

Now, and this is the part some people seem incapable of grasping, since we do not vote for the leader (see above) there is no requirement for a general election if and when they are replaced. It is not our decision, it’s the parties.

Similarly, the mandate to negotiate leaving the EU wasn’t given to David Cameron by the 52% majority who voted for it, it was given to the Tory government who are still in power. As such, it is still the governments mandate which means, again, that there is no reason for a general election.

It really is as simple as that.

If you would like anything else explained using the seemingly forgotten skills of basic common sense and stating the obvious, please feel free to ask.


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The referendum result, and how not to lose.

brexit,leave eu,europeIn the wake of the momentous decision to leave the EU, the last 24 hours has seen the inevitable toy throwing from those who wanted to remain. Forget the democratic process, losing has not been accepted with any grace.

The was inevitable of course, they did pretty much the same after the last general election when they also threw their toys out of their prams, and whilst as a support of leave from day one I was ready for some attacks and I expected them to be heavy with vitriol, what I didn’t expect was for some of them to come from people I know personally.

I am many things. I might be ignorant, I might even be stupid or small minded, but I’m not racist and I’m certainly not a Nazi so if you throw those words at me in any context and no matter how angry you are, you only get to do it once and you do it at your peril. Because if you think I won’t forget and will happily continue working with you, you are wrong. Very wrong.

Away from the personal side of things, the remainers have also been busily complaining that all of us who over 50’s who voted to leave have stolen the future away from the young. A claim so laughable it beggars belief.

Does it not occur to them that having lived through the demise of our country and seen the future we had planned for ourselves and our children stolen away, we actually voted to try and get it back?

Does it not occur to them that having been around for a few years, we might actually have based our decisions on experience?

And do they not see that far from losing anything, the young have been handed a unique opportunity to get actively involved in the rebuilding process and create a booming future for themselves and their country?

But equally, do they not see that their childish reaction to defeat provides a perfect illustration of just why so many people who reside in the place we call middle England have become so angry at what has happened to this country?

Of course not. Because like many on the petulant left which is, I suggest, where most of them sit politically, they refuse to accept defeat, refuse to accept the will of the majority, refuse to accept that they might be wrong but most importantly, they refuse to accept that this country has the potential to lead rather than be led.

I don’t, I never have, and nor do 52% of the people who voted which, in case they hadn’t noticed, is an astonishing show of faith in the democratic process which you seem to despise.

You lost. Get over it, accept it with good grace and move on. Because if you don’t, the only people who will suffer are your bitter, angry selves.


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6 reasons why leaving the EU will be awesome (and they’re not what you think).

brexit,leaveEU,independence,united kingdom,europeI’ve never made any secret of the fact that I support the move to leave the EU and have done from day one.

However, as the inevitable mudslinging and scaremongering has continued, I have been amused to note that a number of significant reasons to endorse the case for Brexit have failed to receive anything other than a passing mention.

So to right that wrong, here we go:

  1. The day after the nation votes to leave the EU, we will inevitably see the beginning of a government cull since many of those cabinet members who supported the drive to keep us under the rule of Brussels will be forced out. Chief amongst these will be the PM, no loss there.                                                                                                            
  2. In addition to the above, as the nation begins to take control of its own affairs and regrow its backbone, the lies being peddled by the remain camp will be exposed for what they are, as will those who peddled them.                                                                                                                     
  3. Given that we will suddenly become responsible for our own affairs, our government will be forced to do the one thing that they are supposed to do, actively govern. As a consequence, many MP’s will be exposed as the inept, lazy, scrounging, self-serving media whores they actually are. The result of the two points above being that at the next election, the dead wood which sits in the House of Commons will hopefully, be gone.                                           
  4. UKIP will cease to exist and all of their MEP’s will be out of work, including Mr Farage. To many, this is a good thing but to me, it is a great thing. Because I suspect that come the next election, many UKIP MEP’s will end up in government and I’d rather the House of Commons be filled with people who are prepared to stand up for their country than anyone who fits my previous points. Therefore, we will finally end up with the government we need as opposed to the one we have ended up with.                                   
  5. Boris. Whatever you think of him, be it good or bad, you cannot deny that he has charisma and nor does he take any crap. I want those qualities in a leader, and that is surely where he is destined.            
  6. Once the dust has settled and we are standing firmly on our own two feet, we will once again be able to reclaim the traditionally British outlook on the rest of Europe. Not to be underestimated.

Brexit. You know it makes sense. So please make sure that you are registered to vote and when the day comes, get out there and vote LEAVE! 

PS: My last blog, The Saga of Carry On Sothcott created quite a buzz so thank you to everyone who responded or shared it.

Rest assured, there is more to come on this story. Much more.


Just in case you didn’t already know, all of my books and DVD’s are available from both Amazon and iTunes

Peace in our EU time? Dream on.

brexit, leaveEU, British.britainOne of the more ludicrous and offensive claims being made by the ‘Safer In’ lobby is that the existence of the European Union has resulted in peace across the region since the end of hostilities in 1945.

Now there will of course, be those who swallow this claim but anyone with a brain in their head (or access to Google) will know instantly that the very idea is laughable. More importantly, this blatant lie is incredibly disrespectful to the British servicemen and women who made the ultimate sacrifice in such shitholes as Bosnia and Kosovo following the decimation of the Balkan region which exploded into civil war in 1992.

Equally, the last time I looked, Northern Ireland is part of the UK and therefore the EU, yet I don’t recall ever seeing a soldier from any of our European allies on the streets of Belfast. I do however, recall the 1441 British soldiers who gave their lives trying to keep the peace there. Do they not count?

And whilst the Falklands might not actually be part of Europe in the strictest sense, is that really an excuse for both France and Belgium to supply arms and equipment to Argentina when we were at war with them? With friends like that, who needs enemies?

Even when one looks toward the East and the cold war which threatened nuclear armageddon on a seemingly daily basis, speaking as an ex-servicemen who spent much of their 18 years in uniform keeping the Soviet military might at bay, I can say with some authority that it wasn’t the EU that kept the peace, it was the fact that we were a part of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation). And  irrespective of what happens in the referendum, we will remain a member of NATO so there will be absolutely no impact on the future of the region. At least in a military sense.

Yes, there are very real concerns about security across the region but just as pressing, if not more so, are the ones we face on our own little island. In my opinion the best, if not the only way to deal with them is to secure our borders and gain greater control of who enters our country and deal with those who have already smuggled themselves in.

We simply cannot do that whilst we remain a member of the EU which is why I’ll be voting to leave on June 23rd.


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And so it begins. Brexit or Bullsh*t?

brexit, leaveEU, EUAs expected the ‘in or out’ question has rapidly descended into the type of mud slinging and misinformation which wouldn’t look out of place in an episode of The Thick Of It.

From banner headlines screaming ‘A third of the FTSE 100 companies have signed a letter urging us to stay in the EU’ (missing the point that 2/3rds obviously didn’t) to threats that we are more at risk of a Paris style terrorist attack if we leave (laughable), it’s safe to say that the ‘Safer In’ lobby have been the more guilty although the Brexit campaign have certainly had their moments. Indeed, one can only marvel at the stupidity of inviting the poisonous George Galloway into their fold.

What this underlines of course, is that those at the sharp end of this issue, and by that I mean those who would normally be considered in a position to actually shape public opinion, think that we are stupid. They genuinely don’t accept that the average Brit has the mental capacity to make a considered opinion based on facts and reasoned debate and so instead, they scare, bully and bullshit in the hope that we will fall for that.

The problem of course, is that they are wrong. And they are wrong because almost everyone realises that this isn’t like a general election where the suspicion is that no matter what we vote, all we are really doing is handing some posh boy (or girl) a huge salary and open ended expense account, it’s a referendum where everything really could change for everyone. Including ourselves. 

More importantly, if what I’m seeing and hearing is correct, despite what the doomsayers and bullies in the ‘Stronger In’ camp might believe, the outcome of this referendum will be based not on what people think might or might not happen, but on what has already happened.  And whilst it would obviously be folly to blame all our nations ills on membership of the increasingly disjointed EU, it would be madness to think that many of the problems we face domestically wouldn’t be a lot easier to deal with were we not handcuffed to (and by) Brussels or handing over £33,000,000 (net) every single day. And ultimately, that’s what this boils down to; control.

Control of where our taxes are spent, control of who we trade with, control of who enters our country, control of who works here and control of who benefits from our generosity. Because those are the things that directly impact on the average Brit on a daily basis and whilst leaving the EU might well be a leap into the dark, is the right to determine our own destiny really too much to ask for? Or expect? Not for me.

But equally, I look at Europe and see nothing but failure. The Euro, Greece, Italy, Spain…. where does it end? Where will it end? More importantly, how can it possibly get any better? Indeed, one has to ask why anyone would want to remain a part of something which can only drag us downwards. Do we really want that for our kids and our grandkids? Of course not. Only a madman would.

My faith in my country has wavered in recent years but I remain convinced that all is not lost and that we have an opportunity to stagger back onto our own two feet and become great again. That opportunity is the EU referendum and it’s an opportunity I hope to goodness that we seize with both hands.

I know I will.


Apologies for repeating myself, but as some people are aware, I am one of a number of people involved in a legal dispute with film producer, Jonathan Sothcott.

I won’t go into details here as it’s now a matter for HMRC and the police who have already interviewed him in connection with our allegations. However, both Top Dog Films Ltd and We Still Kill The Old Way Ltd, have recently been wound up on account of unpaid invoices and as a consequence, the investigator for the Official Receiver has contacted me and requested that anyone remaining unpaid for work on Top Dog, We Still Kill or for that matter, any film made by one of Jonathan Sothcott’s companies, contact him direct as a matter of urgency.

His details are: Andrew Beckett, Official Receivers Office, The Insolvency Service (London), 2nd Floor, Abbey Orchard Street, London, SW1P 2HT .

Tel: 0207 637 6337 email:

Alternatively, contact the Metropolitan Police at Merton Police station quoting crime reference:  1404781/15


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