The Football Lads Alliance – Are Middle England finally on the march?

FLA, football lads alliance, politics, terroismAs you may or may not have noticed, I have been quiet of late.

To be honest, much of this has been to do with the fact that I’ve become so pissed off with the state of this country and the continuing failure to deliver Brexit that I was worried that if I went on a rant, I’d be unable to restrain myself and would carry on until I wrote something which would end up with me sitting in a cell somewhere.

OK, that’s not strictly true. The truth is that I stopped blogging about the political landscape because I was becoming increasingly frustrated. Let’s face it, things are so screwed up at the moment that the hardest part about ranting about it is knowing where to start let alone stop. I mean, Sadiq Khan…. seriously?

So I have instead been channeling my angst into various projects and dragging them to the point where they’re a rewrite away from launch. These include Billy’s Log 2, the third book in the The Crew/Top Dog trilogy and a new script I’ve been working on with a lawyer chum of mine about the power of the universe.

Indeed, this last project has been especially interesting of late especially for someone like me who enjoys a bit of karma. Something which will become even more evident fairly shortly.

However, and if you’re a regular reader of this blog you’ll know that there is always a however, my enthusiasm for the future of my country has been rekindled. For next Saturday (7th) I’ll be one of many tens of thousands marching in London to protest against this governments continuing failure to confront extremist terrorism in our country.

Yes, the Football Lads Alliance are taking to the streets again, and this time, the ranks will be swelled by a large contingent from the veteran community.

I’m not going to go too deeply into the specifics here (if you want them, click here) other than to say that despite what certain factions are attempting to claim, the Football Lads Alliance is neither political nor racist. Indeed, it’s fairly safe to say that from day one the leadership have been at pains to create a totally inclusive movement by weeding out anyone who might have anything other than the core message at heart. I certainly wouldn’t be involved were that not the case but here I am.

So if, like me, you’ve become sick of hearing that the only way to combat terrorism is to be reactive, if you’re angry at photo’s of dead children on the front pages, tired of hashtags, vigils and coloured lights on the Wembley Arch and increasingly frustrated at the governments reluctance to go on the offensive against this cancer which exists amongst us, then come and join me.

It’s time for the silent majority to take a stand. Front and centre.


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4 thoughts on “The Football Lads Alliance – Are Middle England finally on the march?”

  1. First searches for the FLA bring up stand against racism but looking further and finding this gives me hope. Many people are desperate for something to follow without getting the usual tags flung at them. Really hoping this goes well. Will check out your books now !

  2. Our time is now!

    In 1936 200 workers marched from Jarrow to London in order to persuade the government that the shipyards could be rebuilt. They collected 90,000 signatures on the way. In the 50’s and 60’s there were various CND marches against nuclear weaponry. In 1968 an anti-Vietnam War demo turned violent outside the United States embassy in London. There were poll tax marches in the 1990s and just seven years ago 30,000 students marched to protest tuition fees.

    The Football Lads Alliance, despite the best efforts of the media to ignore them, WILL ALSO GO DOWN IN HISTORY!

    Finally, Britain has had enough. We’ve had enough of the government doing fuck all about suspected terrorists until they’ve killed our children, and doing fuck all to stop people with terrorist links from entering our country. We’ve had enough of the radicalisation of vulnerable young people in schools, prisons and in shitty little flats in rundown parts of town.

    FLA is NOT about stigmatising all Muslims as terrorists. All Muslims are not terrorists. Even if most terrorists are Muslims the reciprocal viewpoint doesn’t hold true. The FLA understands that by stigmatising all Muslims as terrorists we are just fuelling their recruitment and radicalisation drive. We’re doing their job for them! And that’s certainly not what the FLA is about.

    Mahatma Gandhi practiced non-violence by organising peaceful protest such as marches, sit ins and boycotts, fighting peacefully for Indian independence. As a teenager he was a rebel, marrying at 13-years-of-age, drinking alcohol, eating meat and womanising, but he repented.

    If you’re thinking football supporters are going to repent their rucks on the terraces. Not a chance. If you’re thinking they’ll never forget club rivalry, well there’ll always be club rivalry. Football wouldn’t be football without it. There’ll always be banter. But next Saturday, Yes, it’ll all be forgotten as Millwall marches with West Ham, Birmingham City marches with Villa, Watford marches with Luton, and Arsenal marches with Tottenham for the greater good.

    No violence, no racism, no trouble, and I desperately want to be a part of it!


  3. You say `this cancer which exists amongst us`.
    What do you actually mean by this phrase? And what do you propose should be done?
    Are you only concerned with Islamic fascism?
    Or do you include people like National Action, Jo Cox’s killer, Tommy Robinson etc?
    Lots of talk that X should not happen, Y should not happen. But what do you actually propose? What ideas do you have?

    1. The cancer of extremism whatever it’s origins or motivations. Left or right is irrelevant.

      The aim of the march is to give a voice to people who would not normally protest and let the government know that we want action, not hashtags, vigils or ‘carry on’ type words.

      Longer term, who knows. The speed of the FLA’s growth has caught everyone on the hop including those of us who have been waiting for something like this and only once this weekend has passed will everyone take a breath and look at what’s going to come next.

      That answer your questions?

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