Three reasons why Theresa May was right to stay away from the live debate.

general election 2017, tHeresa May, jeremy corbynI didn’t watch the debate last night as I’ve always considered such things to be unsavoury slanging matches which is apparently what happened last night, again.

However, for what it’s worth, I thought Theresa May was absolutely right to stay away for three specific reasons:

First, she had always said that she wouldn’t take part in such things and to change her mind at the last minute would have played right into the hands of those who attack her for being indecisive. But equally, that decision would only have been made in response to Labour suddenly deciding at the last minute that Corbyn would attend so for her to follow suit in response would have inferred that she was running scared of the opposition. One that the other six would have exploited to the full live on air. Why risk that?

Second, it was always going to turn into a bear pit and as a consequence, she had nothing to gain personally from taking part, but everything to lose.

Thirdly, by sending Amber Rudd, who apparently did well, what she did do was show that she has a strong team around her. Compare that to Labour and the ongoing car crash that is Diane Abbott for example, and that was clearly an excellent move.


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3 thoughts on “Three reasons why Theresa May was right to stay away from the live debate.”

  1. I loved the fact that the Sweatie, whoever he was, had a pop at Amber Rudd because Theresa May didn’t turn up for the party when his own leader was also notably absent .

    I felt Amber Rudd did pretty well. Some of Paul Nuttall’s points were valid, although unfortunately he was totally outclassed and unprofessional, and came across as more fickle than a teenage pop fan. I couldn’t shake the feeling that he’d arrived in dusty clothes on the back of a truck, a bit like Tom Joad in Grapes of Wrath

    The Welsh bird was kind of ….. well, Welsh. The bird from the Green Party said some extraordinary things but that wasn’t really what bothered me. It was the death’s head skeletal features of an obvious vegetarian. If ever a vegetarian gets into power then we should turn off the lights and leave en masse.

    Jeremy Corbyn’s election arguments are so full of contradictions, inconsistencies and lack of congruence that it’s impossible to take him seriously. He should be tending his tomatoes in the greenhouse, and looking forward to his 11 a.m. cup of Horlicks.

    The overall effect was of seven unruly children spinning round and round in the playground while you’re thinking, “Please don’t let that brat be sitting next to my child.”

    You know, the kid you don’t invite to your own child’s birthday party. Well, they were like that, the lot of ’em

  2. Here’s some wiser ones; Amber Rudd for Deputy Prime Minister. The way she stood her ground last night, unflappable under fire, I think I’d rather have her negotiating our leaving the EU

    Top bird!

    In fact, I think she’d make a great Prime Minister.

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