Why Watford had to let Walter Mazzarri had to go. The facts.

mazzarri, watford, premiership, premier league I am a Watford fan. This is not a confession, it’s a statement of fact.

As a consequence, I’ve seen every home game this season as well as a good few away. For example, I was at West Ham when we came back from 2-0 down to win 2-4 with one of the gutsiest displays I’ve ever seen by a Watford team and at Hull, when we rolled over in one of the most inept performances I’ve ever seen by the side I follow.

What this means is that I am more than qualified to comment on the issue of Walter Mazzari and that comment is this: terminating his contract was exactly the right thing to do purely because it turned out that he wasn’t a good fit for us after all.

That’s it. No further discussion or explanation required.

So, if you’re a journalist or even a supporter of any of the other 91 professional football clubs, your comments, opinions or insults are meaningless to me because they’re primarily based on hearsay, not experience.

Oh, and just so you know, sacking Flores last season was also bang on the money.

Now, please move along. There’s nothing else to see here.


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