Graham Taylor. Watford legend.

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Such sad news and there’s nothing I can write here that will make it any easier to bear.

Graham Taylor wasn’t just a former Watford manager, he was the man who took our little club and built it into the entity it is today. Not once, but twice.

Indeed, amongst the thousands of memories he gave me over the decades following Watford, one of the best was the play-off victory over Bolton which took us into the Premiership for the first time.  Not just for my sake, but for his. As a slap in the face for all those who had criticised him for his time with England, it couldn’t have been any better than that. Not that you would have heard him say that because he was far too much of a gentleman.

RIP Mr Watford. You’ll be sadly missed for sure, but you’ll never be forgotten.

Come on you Horns.


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  1. Ditto all of the above. GT had an extremely avuncular manner about him, and not only was he a gentleman but he was also an exceedingly genuine and nice man.

    How often I’ve seen children trying to get autographs after the game had kicked-off. WFC staff would be trying to drag him away to his seat, but he’d say “No, let me talk to the kids first,” and he’d spend time with them, posing for photos, signing autographs and chatting away while the game went on behind him.

    A top bloke!

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