And so it begins. Brexit or Bullsh*t?

brexit, leaveEU, EUAs expected the ‘in or out’ question has rapidly descended into the type of mud slinging and misinformation which wouldn’t look out of place in an episode of The Thick Of It.

From banner headlines screaming ‘A third of the FTSE 100 companies have signed a letter urging us to stay in the EU’ (missing the point that 2/3rds obviously didn’t) to threats that we are more at risk of a Paris style terrorist attack if we leave (laughable), it’s safe to say that the ‘Safer In’ lobby have been the more guilty although the Brexit campaign have certainly had their moments. Indeed, one can only marvel at the stupidity of inviting the poisonous George Galloway into their fold.

What this underlines of course, is that those at the sharp end of this issue, and by that I mean those who would normally be considered in a position to actually shape public opinion, think that we are stupid. They genuinely don’t accept that the average Brit has the mental capacity to make a considered opinion based on facts and reasoned debate and so instead, they scare, bully and bullshit in the hope that we will fall for that.

The problem of course, is that they are wrong. And they are wrong because almost everyone realises that this isn’t like a general election where the suspicion is that no matter what we vote, all we are really doing is handing some posh boy (or girl) a huge salary and open ended expense account, it’s a referendum where everything really could change for everyone. Including ourselves. 

More importantly, if what I’m seeing and hearing is correct, despite what the doomsayers and bullies in the ‘Stronger In’ camp might believe, the outcome of this referendum will be based not on what people think might or might not happen, but on what has already happened.  And whilst it would obviously be folly to blame all our nations ills on membership of the increasingly disjointed EU, it would be madness to think that many of the problems we face domestically wouldn’t be a lot easier to deal with were we not handcuffed to (and by) Brussels or handing over £33,000,000 (net) every single day. And ultimately, that’s what this boils down to; control.

Control of where our taxes are spent, control of who we trade with, control of who enters our country, control of who works here and control of who benefits from our generosity. Because those are the things that directly impact on the average Brit on a daily basis and whilst leaving the EU might well be a leap into the dark, is the right to determine our own destiny really too much to ask for? Or expect? Not for me.

But equally, I look at Europe and see nothing but failure. The Euro, Greece, Italy, Spain…. where does it end? Where will it end? More importantly, how can it possibly get any better? Indeed, one has to ask why anyone would want to remain a part of something which can only drag us downwards. Do we really want that for our kids and our grandkids? Of course not. Only a madman would.

My faith in my country has wavered in recent years but I remain convinced that all is not lost and that we have an opportunity to stagger back onto our own two feet and become great again. That opportunity is the EU referendum and it’s an opportunity I hope to goodness that we seize with both hands.

I know I will.


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  1. I do not have children, but I&;#8172ve been thinking a lot about this issue since I read about it a lot in blogland. I live in Nevada and the current state of the public school system here is a joke. So it will be homeschool or private school. I’m encouraged to read that there are people who find it easier than public school – despite the extra personal effort.

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