Tax-payers of the nation unite.

tax, sex, tories, ebooks, anal, oral, Our inglorious leader David Cameron has recently been on the offensive with ideas to slash the benefit budget and in particular, has targeted the long-term unemployed and the provision of housing benefit for those under 25. Now as people who regularly read my blog will know, I’ve been a Tory voter all my life but for various reasons, that came to an end when Cameron walked into number 10. But on this he has my full and total support. Indeed I’d actually say ‘about fucking time’ because like many tax payers in this once wonderful country of ours, I’ve had enough. Enough of propping up people who’s idea of contributing is to society is to vote on X-Factor, enough of supporting some lazy bastard with no interest in working, enough of funding the lifestyle of some addict who can’t be arsed to take the help being offered to him and enough of being the sole provider to an unmarried mother with three kids by three different blokes. That’s not where I want my hard earned taxes to go and it’s certainly not what the benefit system was designed for. The liberal left of course would argue the opposite but then again they would. It’s what they do. Yet what they fail to see is that because of the scroungers who have come to infest our society, the people that the system was actually built for are being squeezed as hard as anyone. How for example, can it be right that someone who has worked hard and saved all their life has to sell their home to pay for care which is provided freely to someone who lives on benefits? How can anyone argue for a system which requires that? It’s a national scandal. The left inevitably avoid such questions and instead argue that rather than attack the benefit system the government should instead be going after those who avoid paying tax. And whilst I certainly agree with that, it is for a totally different reason. They want it because in their world fairness is an alien concept and if we take more money from the rich it would allow us to continue along the ‘funding the feckless path’ they seemingly so admire. I meanwhile, want it to help rebuild the damage done by labour and ease the pressure on the already struggling working people of this country. But I also know that if you have a financial problem, the first thing you do is not try to increase your income, it’s to reduce your outgoings and in that sense what Cameron  has said is not only a wake up call for the government, it’s a wake up call for the tax payer. As a consequence, not only should we be backing Cameron, we should be demanding that he go further and take a long hard look at every benefit from Job Seekers to Motobility. Both of which are horrifically abused and which cost us billions every year. And that’s the key word; us. Never forget that as tax payers we are the ones who fund this country and it’s about time that those who steal from us, be they rich or poor, were dealt with in just the same was as any other thief. After all, as I have said many times before, if someone came into your house and stole £65 a week from your wallet you’d be onto the Old Bill like a shot. What pray tell, is the difference?

6 thoughts on “Tax-payers of the nation unite.”

  1. They should link National Insurance contributions to the amount of benefit you are allowed to receive. Sick and tired of able-bodied scroungers who have no intention of ever working, continually knocking out kid after kid in order to get bigger handouts and larger houses. Government should be saying, “Fine, have as many kids as you want, but seeing as you’ve never worked a day in your life, we’re only paying for the first 2 you have – any more than that and you’re on your own”, then watch the population plummet. Want more benefits do you? How about racking up some national insurance points then.

  2. Well said mate. It astonishes me that we just continue to fund the next breed of spongers without question.

    If you want to have shut loads of kids, pay for the bastards yourself!

  3. It’s amazing how people who spend all day consuming Stella Artois and Heroin become so fertile – this lot just pop out baby after baby! I know a teenage mother who got up the duff at 16 because she had “wanted a baby for years”. Years? FFS! She pays £3.50 a week for her new 2 bed flat by the way, however I doubt she’d get kicked out even if she didnt keep up the payments. For unemployed teenage parents claiming benefits, i’d like to see their own parents forced to reimburse the government… of course that’d only work if they actually work themselves, which is usually not the case. This may be a bit extreme but i’d like to see a massive overhaul of social care system, with a vast improvement of care homes, which would take babies from parents who dont have the means to support them, until they get their act together.

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