The long and the short of it…

 Someone asked me recently why I have begun blogging given that I write for a living.

The truth, dear reader, is that it is a very good creative exercise. After all, as you may have gathered I am somewhat opinionated and have lots of things to say on lots of different things. And given that blogging provides an instant outlet for those opinions, it has proven to be quite an invaluable stress release of sorts. Something we all need at one point or another!

There is also the fact -as pointed out in a previous blog- that if you are in the mood to write, then you should write. Something, anything! Blogging is a perfect format for this as it allows you to just dive in, have a rant and climb out suitably refreshed. It certainly works for me!

However, as you might have noticed, I do tend to go on a bit and it has been suggested to me that my blogs are a bit too long.

So the question, dear reader, is do I continue with the long diatribes or should I trim them down to a couple of hundred words a time?


BTW, I have finally launched my new website. The plan was to keep it as simple as possible (a bit like the subject matter!) and although it still requires some work, I’m actually quite impressed with my efforts!

Please take a look and let me know what you think.

5 thoughts on “The long and the short of it…”

  1. As you say this is an outlet and something you need the short sharp treatment and other time the rambling as well.

    Remember ITS YOUR blog not any one else’s so you do what you feel best.

    Its always good to have a rant.

  2. I like your thinking!!!!

    I’ve never really bothered what other people think so I don’t see whay I should start now!! 😀

    1. Wow some one like what i think that’s a first!!!

      I look forward to future land and short blogs!!

  3. Land blogs…. blimey, I know they are long but I don’t think they are of suffient size to be granted international status!!!

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