50 common sense political policies to make Britain great again. Part Two.

Yesterday, in response to some of the madness that has been tricking out into the public domain lately, I posted the first half of my 50 policies that I would adopt were I to be placed in charge of this once great country. You can read this by clicking here.

However, before I post the remaining 25, I feel I must comment on something that hit the news yesterday and that is the subject of Gender Neutrality in adverts.  The trouble is, I don’t know where to start because it is such absolute bloody madness that I had to check that yesterday wasn’t April 1st.

Quite why this country enables and allows these morons to dictate to us genuinely escapes me and if anything, it reinforces the idea that for the sake of the future of this country, we need someone to kick start a backlash against political correctness.

What really saddens me is that so powerful has this lobby become that no one in the public eye is prepared to stand up and call it out for the craziness that it is. Instead, they stay quiet and so the media fascists are able to railroad their agenda through without hinderance. And who suffers? Yes, we do.

It has to stop. It has to be stopped.

Here are the remaining 25 policies. Enjoy, and comment if you feel the need!

26. Make St. Georges Day a national holiday and adopt Jerusalem as the national anthem of England.

27. Have a genuinely English parliament in line with the other countries of the union.

28. Make it illegal for teachers to show political or religious bias in schools.

29. Properly fund the public and social services as priorities. They underpin this country.

30. Enforce the laws against illegal practices carried out on religious or cultural grounds.

31. Make repairing the roads an absolute priority.

32. Carry out an urgent investigation into where and how the money being raised by major charities is being spent.

33. Suspend all historic enquiries into the activities of our Armed Forces .

34. Ban the use of mobile phones in schools.

35. Anyone caught using a phone whilst driving should have it confiscated on the spot.

36. Anyone granted residency who commits a criminal offence requiring a custodial sentence within 5 years should instantly forfeit their British passport and face immediate deportation to their country of origin.

37. Anyone caught using a disabled badge illegally should have their car seized immediately.

38. Charge people for failing to attend NHS appointments.

39. Charge people for A&E services if their visits are drink or drug related.

40. Charge overseas lorry drivers for the use of our road network and put the money raised into the budget to fix the roads.

41. Any individual granted residency who shows an affiliation to any political or religious organisation dedicated to the overthrow of our nation and it’s democratic or Christian values should immediately forfeit their British passport and be deported to their country of origin. Their immediate family should also face the same sanctions.

42. If Sky TV move games at late notice, then they should be made to compensate the travelling supporters.

43. End the practice of having different rules for different countries in the union. Either we all have free prescriptions and tuition fee’s, or none do.

44. Air ambulances should not be reliant on charity and nor would they be. Same goes for the RNLI.

45. Anyone from overseas who serves or has served in HM Armed Forces would automatically have right to remain here for the rest of their natural lives.

46. Stop the practice of buy to invest by doubling the community charge bill for any properties left intentionally empty for more than three months. Properties left intentionally empty for more than 12 months would be seized for use by the local authorities for a negligible rent.

47. Make it a legal requirement for councils to house veterans as a priority.

48. Legalise the use of water cannon when necessary in the UK (and put dye in the water).

49. Make assaults on all public service workers a criminal offence.

50. Identify cases where political correctness is being used to pander to minorities and apply basic common sense to bring the country back from this liberalistic madness. For example, and as previously stated, the concept of ’gender neutrality’ is pure nonsense.



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5 thoughts on “50 common sense political policies to make Britain great again. Part Two.”

  1. Dougie, as expected there are some great ones here, and none that I disagree with. I reckon you could build the list up to 100, turn each on into a short chapter and then publish it as a book. I wish I’d thought of it 😉

    Here’s a few more;

    Burglars should be fair game. It’s their choice to break into your house; they could have chosen to walk by. In America you can shoot them, and why not? In fact, make it law that if you catch a burglar in your home, you can imprison him and turn him into a slave. You should feel safe in your own home.

    Legalise all drugs and have the government sell them. Criminalising the taking of drugs has never ever, in the history of the planet, prevented anyone from taking them. Prohibition only succeeded in turning just about every American into a criminal. It didn’t stop them drinking booze. The drug cartels make billions. That money could be used by the government to improve many of the items on your list above, to refund the NHS and the armed forces, to lower taxation, and to build and facilitate the management of re-hab centres, and also fund anti-drug campaigns. AND drug users would be assured of purchasing clean gear, as opposed to drugs cut with toxic ‘additives’ and other potentially dangerous substances that only serve to increase profits for dealers and poison the user. Also, of course, as just about half the crimes people are sent to prison for are drug related – including prostitution, burglary, mugging etc. – the prisons wouldn’t be so overcrowded and would be more manageable.

    Take the word celebrity out of the British language. It’s meaningless. Fifty years ago it was used to describe someone who was in the public eye but hasn’t quite reached Star status; i.e. a TV presenter, a sportsman etc. Now it could be a chef, a model from Essex, Ann Widdecombe’s husband or Jeremy Clarkson’s daughter. So no status between ordinary pleb and Star. And the line is easily drawn. Ask yourself who you’d like your photo taken with. For me it would be the likes of Roger Daltrey, Carlos Santana, Anthony Joshua and Linda Lusardi. Then they’re Stars. The likes of Bradley Walsh, Rylan Clark or someone from Big Brother wouldn’t cut it.

    Heavy fines and points lost on their license for those wankers who drive 2mtrs behind you on the motorway when you’re in the fast lane overtaking other vehicles. And likewise for those drivers who drive in the fast lane, but don’t overtake.

    Greater understanding and awareness of mental health and depression. You wouldn’t say, “Snap out of it,” to someone with heart disease or cancer, so what makes people think it’s okay to say it to someone with depression.

    Bullies – in school and in the workplace – to be fined, educated and sent on short-sharp-shock camps. Alternatively, I know a Gypsy fighter from quite a well known family who’s offered to fight any bullies, although none have taken him up on his offer.

    Competitive sports to be encouraged in school. This bollocks about banning competitive sports is … well … total bollocks. I understand that certain introverted kids may feel less inclined to compete because walking to the hot-dog truck knackers them, and they don’t feel inclined to be matched against a peer who is more physically developed, but their turn comes in the classroom where the kid who excels at sports is matched against other kids who may have a higher IQ. If it’s okay to assign kids positions in class according to their understanding of algebra, why shouldn’t they be challenged on the sports field?

    At the end of every football game have football managers or head coaches assign the referee a number between 0 and 3. Out of this a referee’s league could be built. At the end of the season those Premier League refs in the bottom three of the table are relegated to the Championship, and next season they only referee Championship games, with the loss of salary that comes with that. Likewise, those Championships refs who reach the top three in their table are promoted to Premier league and are accordingly rewarded with a decent pay raise. And so on down through the leagues.

          1. Hahahahaha as long as I don’t have to bite the heads off doves, I’m in!

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