Enough is enough. The time has surely come to let our dogs off their leash.

ManchesterEnough with the hashtags, the vigils, the understanding, the calls for calm, for unity, for tolerance and enough of waiting. Yes, waiting.

Waiting for the next piece of human garbage to blow himself up, drive into pedestrians, hack the head off an off-duty servicemen or carry out whatever depraved act they want to do in the name of their warped idealism.

And it’s coming. We all know it’s coming.

Is this the life we want now? A life where fear is a constant emotion whenever we step onto a tube train or into a public place? When the sight of an armed policeman or even a soldier on our streets brings a sense of relief?

I don’t. I suspect you don’t either.

I don’t want to wait until mass mourning becomes a national pastime, I want action. And action of the type that isn’t even being talked about openly purely for fear of upsetting the very people who caused this problem in the first place. The liberal left and the do-gooders driven by their politically correct and anti-British madness. The minority. Remember that, they are the minority.

Well sod that and sod them. They had their chance and their failure was catastrophic.

To them, the only answers are long-term. Education, deradicalisation, community involvement, unity, tolerance, carry on regardless. But doing that merely normalises terrorism by giving it time to become routine. Well we don’t have time because the problem is imminent as evidenced by the sight of soldiers on our streets. OUR streets! And imminent problems demand immediate action.

The first move must be to take the fight to the 3000 individuals who currently sit on our terror watch list because that is where the danger lies. So, as the bodies of our children still lie cold in the morgues of Manchester, the time has surely come to get them off our streets and into internment camps. And those who are considered as significant threats, take them out. Period.

Who would mourn? Seriously. Who would even know let alone care?

Now I know that there will be those reading this who will throw the Islamophobic or race card at me because that’s their bog standard response to anything they don’t agree with and there will be others who will talk about giving up the fundamental rule of law which is innocent until proven guilty (although oddly, they don’t complain when that is applied to football fans, but that’s another debate).

But they are wrong.

This isn’t about race or religion,it is about a war and be we Christian, Muslim, Jew, Sikh, Buddhist or clingon, we are all of us in very real danger at the hands of an enemy who live not in some far flung land, not in aircraft flying overhead dropping bombs on us or even in submarines lobbing inter-continental missiles in our direction, but right in our midst.

What we need to do is face up to that fact and understand that the war we are involved in is being fought against an uncivilised, barbaric enemy which doesn’t abide by the Geneva Convention, has no rules of combat, no morals and no honour. Instead, it wants only to bring death and destruction to our shores, our countrymen and to our way of life. The death of 22 young people in Manchester on Monday night proves that.

Well enough is enough. We have the best security services and special forces in the world and the time has come to let them off the leash and let them take the fight directly to the enemy who skulk in our gutters.

Because the unpalatable truth is that ultimately, as we saw with the IRA, stepping outside of the rule of law and cutting the head off the snake is the only way we’re ever going to get close to winning this particular war.


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4 thoughts on “Enough is enough. The time has surely come to let our dogs off their leash.”


    Looking at the bigger picture, the issue here is that the spread of Islam in Western democracies is a fairly new trend, but it’s gaining momentum. And please don’t imagine for one minute that it’s unorganised. The spread of Islam in Western nations – organised by the radical Muslim brotherhood – is achieved in five phases;

    Phase 1: Arrival (late 60s & early 70s)
    Keep a low profile. Make very few, if any, demands on the host nation. Work quietly as students, business owners, doctors etc. Run corner shops.

    Phase 2: Recognition (10 years ago)
    Request recognition of Sharia law within the Muslim community. Publically condemn radical Islamists. Explain that Islam is a religion of peace, and that Sharia law is no threat to the host nation.

    Phase 3: Penetration (5 years ago – NOW!)
    Penetration of the host society. Support pro-Muslim political candidates (London mayor), file law suits against what they term Islamaphobia, put pressure on schools to hold prayers towards Mecca, place Imams as ‘chaplains’ in prisons and the armed forces, and demand Islamic studies departments in universities.

    Phase 4: Confrontation (NOW!)
    Start making demands that Sharia is incorporated into the legal system of the host country. At the same time so called ‘rogue’ elements of the Muslim community will threaten or engage in violence, turning certain areas into no-go areas. Muslim-dominated neighbourhoods that are de facto off limits to non-Muslims due to the religious intimidation that pervades these areas. Gangs of Muslims attack people drinking beer in the street – which is perfectly allowable under British law – and people fear to walk the streets just in case they did do something that can be seen as an insult to their culture or religion

    Phase 5: Imposition (20 years time)
    The idea here being that the Muslim population becomes the majority, and Islam gains control of the nation. Sharia law is to be imposed on the host society. Non-Islamic influences, such as Christianity, have no say in the matter.

    (source; I previously discussed this in writing of my own, which is why I was able to access it so quickly)

    In the UK, we’re at Phase 4 right now. Phase 1 was the 70’s, so it’s taken 40 years to get from there to where we are right now. Do you see what I mean by being organised? They’re clever and they’re patient, but already learned scholars are suggesting we could reach Phase 5 in another 20 years. Scary, isn’t it?

    So for my money internment camps is the answer. Anyone ‘suspected’ of being a terrorist is banged up and ‘interrogated.’

    Yes, I know the leftie do-gooders will be appalled, but events of this week demonstrate very clearly the terms of engagement; target children and blow up 81 of them, murdering 22.

    And don’t forget it’s less than two years since 30 British holiday makers were gunned down lying sunbathing on a beach in Tunisia.

    So now we understand their terms of engagement we can, as Dougie so rightly says, raise the steps we are willing to go to in order to protect the civilians and children of our green and pleasant land.

    Oh, and one last thing. Internment camps were used in the early 70’s. The difference between the American-funded IRA and ISIS is 1) the IRA most often gave a 10-minute warning and 2) the IRA had a goal, that of independence. I can’t come anywhere close to justifying their methods, or even understanding them, but in comparison ISIS’s goal is the total destruction of our civilisation and our way of life.

    For God’s sake, we now need to meet them on their terms, not the terms of turn-the-other-cheek leftie do-gooders. Not, of course, in the wholesale murder of children, but with the internment and ‘interrogation’ of anyone ‘suspected’ of being a terrorist. Yes, yes, yes, I know, we’re going back to the 14th century and Witch trials, but we have no choice. The police knew this fucker! If he were banged up in an internment camp 22 children would be alive today, 59 people wouldn’t have suffered life-changing injuries and 22 families wouldn’t have been permanently devastated.

    They give us no choice. Give us our very own Guantánamo Bay and intern the whole lot of them indefinitely without trial!

  2. Nice words Dougie which must strike a chord with every right thinking British person. Despite the fact that the supposed perpetrator of Manchester’s henious act was born and raised in this country, someone must have known what he was up to, and they are just as complicit. He was also on a list of 6000 names ‘known’ by the security services as being ‘of interest’s. Bit late now, they should round them all up as you say and stick them in one of the myriad empty military camps dotted around the country. Then investigate and see if they are a danger. If not, fine release them, if they deport them, whether or not they were born in this country. Your piece needs publicity, make the politicos sit up and realise the public want action.

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