I foiled a robbery yesterday, but I’m not proud, I’m angry.

I foiled a robbery yesterday. No, it wasn’t a bank heist or a smash and grab, in many ways it was actually worse.

I’m not going to go into details, I don’t have to. You see, by a strange quirk of fate, I caught the whole thing on my dash cam. You can see it right here.

(If it doesn’t load, you can view it here)

Yes, that’s right. Two grown men, clearly not of Anglo-Saxon stock and with barely any English language skill between them, loitering outside a small local post office intent on targeting an elderly gentleman who had just collected his pension. As low goes, that’s low.

Thankfully, I saw what was happening and recovered his stuff but the two men involved did the off before they could be detained (or lumped) leaving an old man behind who was, to say the least, shocked.

As I talked to him and reassured him, he said something which really got to me. He said ‘We never used to get that round here. It’s just not British.’ And he’s right. Absolutely right.

I don’t know what the mentality is of an adult male who thinks it’s OK to behave in such a cowardly and callous manner, but by setting out to rob an old man who probably worked all his life and paid his taxes to build the country that they apparently battled across Europe to find and now call ‘home’, they have abused our hospitality, our tolerance and any faith we placed in them. And according to the police, this wasn’t an isolated incident. It’s becoming ever more frequent and increasingly difficult to deal with. To quote the officer who interviewed me, ‘We don’t know who they are or where they live. They just vanish.’ As far as I know, the two ‘men’ in the film haven’t been caught. 

What hope do the police have in the face of that? What hope do we as a nation have when people have so little regard for ether us or our way of life? Little or none it seems.

So to all those people who think mass immigration is OK, to all those who encouraged people to come here or who went to Calais and tried to ‘help’ or to the people who made the decision to cut the police and immigration services, well done.

Because thanks to you, a lovely old man who was simply going about his business has had his faith in his country shattered by two pieces of filth who probably shouldn’t even be here and who certainly don’t deserve to be.

Sleep well.

PS: Please take a few moments of your day to warn all members of your family, especially the elderly, to be careful at post offices and cashpoints. This kind of crime is becoming increasingly prevalent right across the country.


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4 thoughts on “I foiled a robbery yesterday, but I’m not proud, I’m angry.”

  1. Do not blame all immigrants for the actions of a few.
    I’m sure there are many who are now doctors or cooks or cleaners or any other job for that matter and who work very hard and act honestly. Immigration is not the problem here and you trying to blame it on that is just stupid because you are poorly informed by the media and judge these by the colour of their skin, if you didn’t know we have had people with different skin colour living here for years and those men may have even been born here.

    1. Don’t be a dick.

      First off, I don’t blame all immigrants, I blame a failure to control exactly who and what is being allowed to come into this country and attack those morons who blindly accept that everyone intent on coming here is honest and decent.

      Second, I’m not poorly informed by anyone. I use my own eyes and ears to form my opinions and incidents like the one I witnessed yesterday underline them. Dare I say it, the only one falling for media and establishment bullshit is yourself.

      Third, I find your tone both abusive and condescending. However, I have approved your post (on MY blog) simply to show that unlike you, I have no problem with people holding differing opinions from mine.

  2. My sister saw exactly the same thing happen to an elderly gentleman in the hemel asda underground car park she had her two children with her and watched the whole thing unfold and then they took his wallet, she got out of her car and confronted them alone (the gentleman had carried on unaware he had been robbed) they got scared and through the wallet at her and ran off ! She returned the wallet x

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