The Appeal of Clarkson.

I’ve had a few people contact me this morning asking me to explain the appeal of Jeremy Clarkson.

Now it is indeed true that Jezza is something of a Marmite figure and to be honest, I’m not exactly his greatest fan. Indeed, a few years ago, in a glossary for my book, The Geezers Guide to Football, I wrote:

Clarkson (Jeremy): Motoring journalist and television presenter from the BBC show Top Gear. Likes to think he is a geezer but is merely a mouthy public-school twat. Doesn’t like football either, which also makes him a bit of a wanker as far as I’m concerned.

However, it is fair to say that since I wrote that, I’ve softened somewhat. Not because I particularly like Top Gear -as TV shows go, it’s as hit-and-miss as it gets- or because he makes brilliant documentaries about our forces (which he really does), but for one simple reason.

For the truth is that as a character who isn’t afraid to say what he thinks when he thinks it and who has the confidence to stand by (almost) every word he says, Clarkson has been the one presenter who has stood firm against the takeover of our national broadcaster by the Liberal Left.

That’s why they hate him with a passion because to them, he is the manifestation of the enemy. Right-wing, outspoken, vehement in his condemnation of political correctness and as patriotic as it gets, he is everything they despise. That’s why they’ve gone after him at every opportunity.

Their problem thus far of course, is that he’s also hugely popular and much of that has to do with the fact that he strikes a chord with people. And the chord he strikes is anarchy.

What Clarkson does isn’t simply to give voice to the kind of opinion that we, as a society, are supposed to keep suppressed. It’s the fact that he speaks, writes and behaves in a manner which refuses to conform. It’s a tactic Katy Hopkins and even Nigel Farage have adopted and look what’s happened there!

Sadly, it now appears that Jezza has finally handed them his head on a plate and no doubt publicly funded taxi’s are thrashing through the Manchester traffic toward BBC towers full of people desperate to hammer the final nail into the coffin of what remained of the non-politically correct BBC.

For those of us who recognise the damage this will do, the only saving grace is that the BBC’s loss will be another broadcasters gain.


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6 thoughts on “The Appeal of Clarkson.”

  1. Dougie, you are not wrong that it if Clarkson leaves the BBC – or rather, the production company he owns together with Hammond and May – it will be the BBC’s loss; as I understand, Top Gear generates around £350 million revenue annually for the BBC.

    Is Clarkson controversial? I don’t think he is. If you were to somehow transport any episode of Top Gear from the last decade and broadcast it in 1985, it would appear ‘lame’ compared to, say, Spitting Image or Alf Garnett.

    I’m disappointed in that the current series was filmed last year. To refuse to show this weeks episode, and ‘cancel’ the last remaining two episodes, for something that did not happen during filming, is a snub to the other presenters and guests, and the licence payers who have paid for the series.

    As you say, it appears his ‘crime’ is not to have had an altercation on set, but rather to be waht he is. Be afraid, because what he is what you and I are; white, middle aged, and British with a capital G; you know, the word that prefixed ‘Britain’ until 1997 when Mr Blair rather noticeably stopped using it.

    First they came for Clarkson, and we didnt say a word. Then they came for Brimson, and we never said I word. Then they came for me, and there was no one left to say a word.

    1984 was a novel, not a PAM.

    *of course, it could be that the Top Gear team have decided that it has run its course, but rather than simply end it, why not go out with controversy.

  2. I’m all for freedom of speech, but in the case of Clarkson does that mean he’s allowed to continually step over (or even ignore) the line or boundaries simply because he generates the Beeb £350m pa?
    I’m absolutely sure that if I decked a colleague at work, I’d be out of a job tomorrow.
    If the BBC doesn’t get rid of him, they’re just condoning his thuggish and arrogant ways. What sort of example is that to set? There are plenty of knowledgeable and edgy (who wouldn’t feel the need to insult or assault) presenters who could step into his Top Gear role.
    Clarkson is the Suarez of tv presenters. Perhaps send him to Spain.
    I for one would not miss him.

    1. As I said in the piece, he was foolish enough to hand them his own head.

      However, the fact remains that in it’s current guise, Clarkson IS Top Gear so his imminent dismissal is surely going to spell the end of the show in its current format.

  3. I’m not sure foolery comes into it. Clarkson strikes me as being so arrogant he would genuinely believe he was untouchable.
    ‘Have I Got News For You’, whilst perhaps not quite so globally lucrative to the Beeb, but nevertheless a long lasting and popular saleable commodity survived well after the exit of Angus Deayton by changing its presenting format.
    Why not Hammond and May with A.N. Other celebrity guest presenter each week?
    Saying Clarkson IS Top Gear is akin to saying Taylor IS Watford….oh wait.

    1. Because Hammond is Clarkson’s Ernie Wise and May, whilst extremely intelligent and a great presenter on other shows, actually contributes little to Top Gear other than a mild comedy element.

      Clarkson has built Top Gear purely to fuel his own ego and career and he’s done it extremely well. But it could never carry on in the current format without him because there isn’t a personality big enough to fit into his shoes. Just as importantly, anyone who tried would inevitably be compared and who would want that?

      HIGNFY works because Deayton was little more than a smug autocue reader. The real genius of the show and the engine which drives it are Hislop and Merton who are of course, still there.

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