Top Dog wins best feature at BIFF 2014.

top dog, spandau ballet, martin kemp, british film, leo gregory, hooligans, hooliganism, football, violence, gangs, the kraysIt’s not often I feel smug, but I certainly do this morning because last night, at the British Independent Film Festival in London’s Leicester Square, Top Dog, the movie I adapted from my own novel, took the best feature award.

Not only that, but Leo Gregory won best actor, Ricci Harnett won best supporting actor and in the face of stiff competition which included her Top Dog co-star, Dannielle Brent, Lorraine Stanley took home the best supporting actress award.

That’s not a bad haul by any standards and with everyone being so complimentary about the film, the inevitable nerves that have dogged me for weeks have been well and truly beaten into submission. As a result, I can start to enjoy being involved in the promotional side of things which is actually the bit I’ve been looking forward to most, primarily because I’ve never actually had any before! 

Top Dog is set for release at the end of this month with the reissued novel not far behind and if you haven’t seen the trailer yet, click here to take a peek!

As if that wasn’t enough for one old hack to handle, last week I spent a day on the set of We Still Kill The Old Way and it’s clear that something very special is coming together down Wimbledon way. Hearing actors bring your words to life is always an amazing experience but when they are people you grew up watching on TV, it is beyond surreal. 

I can’t say too much about the project at the moment but we have two more weeks of filming yet so I’ll post further news (and maybe the odd picture!) as it unfolds.  

Finally, I’ve had numerous people ask me if there will be a film version of Wings of a Sparrow at some point and all I can say is that I bloody hope so!

I’ve already written a script and it’s currently being read by various individuals with the power to say yes or no so please send positive vibes and if you’ve read the novel, please spread the word via Facebook, twitter or by leaving a review somewhere such as Amazon, iBooks or Goodreads. The more of a buzz I can generate about the project, the more chance there is that the screen version will get green lit.


manchester united, david moyes, liverpool, british film, ryan giggs, old traffordThe DVD of  Top Dog can be pre-ordered by clicking on the cover picture to the left of this screen whilst the novel can be ordered here.

If you’d prefer a kindle version, then you can have that right now by clicking here. Links to all of my other books (and there are a few!) can be found on that same page.

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