Why Arsenal have snatched a major victory from the jaws of the drubbing monster!

Gutted Gooners (possibly gay).

Like many people, I was somewhat stunned by the hammering Manchester United dealt out to Arsenal at the weekend. It was the stuff of legends and will no doubt haunt the Gunners and their fans for decades. Certainly every time they travel to Old Trafford!

However, whilst I was impressed by the antics of Rooney and Young on the day, the response from Arsenal FC has left me positively reeling with admiration.

I refer of course, to the apology offered to the North London faithful who travelled to Manchester only to endure the most torrid of afternoons and the accompanying promise to cover their expenses for a forthcoming away game.

For years now I have ranted on about the way the game has systematically taken the piss out of the very people who fund it and here, finally, we see an example of a major Premiership club recognising that they owe a debt to the fans who follow them. It doesn’t matter that in financial terms it’ll cost Arsenal less than a weeks wages for a second string player, it’s the thought that counts. Or more specifically, it’s the fact that someone high up in the club had the sense, if not decency, to have that thought at all!

There’s a word for that, and it’s one almost every other club in the land would do well to learn; class. And I tell you what, I doubt many Gooners will forget it in a hurry.

6 thoughts on “Why Arsenal have snatched a major victory from the jaws of the drubbing monster!”

  1. Clubs generally do that. If I;m not mistaken, a small time club (albeit they have won the premiership), Blackburn did the same. All the fans were sent individual letters signed by the chairman or something with a promise of tickets for the next game.

  2. Watford use to do it occassionally as a token thanks to the fans and I know some clubs have done it for games at Wembley but I can’t recall hearing of any club in recent memory doing it in the wake of a hammering!

  3. This news about Arsenal even made page 3 of USA Today newspaper(nothing like P 3 of the Sun) and, even more ironic, on the same day page 1 had a write-up about “Ominous signs in stands:Pro Sports seek to stem violence among fans.” What next?

      1. On a more isolated basis things happen and people go off. Nothing “organized” though. Baptist church softball can be a bit rough.

  4. In October 2007 my club also gave tickets for the suffering fans after a woeful performance and drubbing at Swindon.

    Not that we got much better that season or since.

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